Eight Conclusions from Tencent’s Mobile User Behavior Report

Hey nerd faces, Tencent’s game design and creative team TGideas just released a cool light-app based report outlining eight conclusions from mobile behavior data aggregation and testing. I’m gonna translate here, but if you’re a WeChat user and you’d like to run through this on your phone, do this Chinese-style and scan the QR code below to explore the report via mobile:


1. Your shit needs to load in five seconds

If your page takes longer than 5 seconds to load, you’ll lose 74% of users.


2. Peak Times are 12 and 10

Twelve noon and 10pm are the two mobile usage page load peak times.


3. Two-day heat window

A page typically maintains popular momentum for about two days after publication / push. After six days, interest has dropped to nearly nil.


4. Swiping is King

How do users expect to move through left/right paginated content? 48.6% of them swipe left/right. 41.3% will push a right arrow (>), while only 10.1% will navigate via left-arrow clicks (<). chinese-mobile-user-behavior-4

5. User loss levels and depth

This chart shows how many pages deep into your site users are willing to move, and user loss rates at each level. You’re looking at 20% level-loss for moving from one page to two – yikes. Loss rates slow down the deeper you get.


6. Complex interactions lead to user loss

Too much mobile input required, for example.


7. APP Conversion rate is 25.01%

The average conversion rate for website users downloading and opening your app is an average of 25.01%, with the highest at 73.8%.


8. Share rate is 12.61%

The average rate of mobile web page shares is 12.61%, with a high of 64.63%.


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