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Chinese user behavior consultant Kendra SchaeferAbout The Pixellary

The Pixellary is a big ol’ pile of analysis on Chinese user behavior written by me, Kendra Schaefer.

The backstory

Got into web design in the mid 90s, when all the other kids were outside. Came to China in 2002 intending to have a little adventure before getting on with life. Never got off the ride – it’s been 16 years now. Studied Mandarin, built websites in Mandarin, wrote about it.

My job

Currently serving as Creative Tech Director at Trivium China, a Beijing-based research startup specializing in political and economic analysis. In other words, I am the flibbertigibbet art person in a room full of brainiacs.

I also consult on and write about Chinese user interfaces for private clients looking to enter the China market; when I’m feeling colorful, I take on the odd bit of front-end design.

My other projects

The internet is littered with my un-updated websites.

Get in touch with me

Email me:
Call me on my China cell: +86-186-111-67057
Call me at my US number: 803-317-2319
Add me on WeChat: 18611167057
Follow me on Twitter: @kendraschaefer
Follow my company on Twitter: @triviumchina
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